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NOTE: You must pre-register for this course, no walk-ins will be allowed!

This is the complete 16-hour course required by the State of Illinois to obtain a Concealed Carry License. The price includes your range time as well as a firearm to use for the shooting qualification (if you don’t have your own).

No FOID card is required to take the course, you can apply for both the FOID and CCL on the same day.

You may receive credit hours for any of the below listed (meaning you won’t have to attend the entire class). Please bring ALL relevant paperwork (out of state CCLs, certificates, DD 214s for veterans, etc.):

  • Concealed Carry for the following states: UT, FL, NV, MO, KY, MI (4 hrs)
  • Illinois Hunter Safety Course (4 hrs)
  • Chicago Firearms Safety Course (4 hrs)
  • NRA Basic Pistol Course ​(8 hrs​)​
  • NRA Personal Protection In The Home ​(8 hrs​)​
  • NRA Personal Protection​ ​Outside​ ​The Home​ ​(8 hrs)​
  • US Armed Forces: Active, Retired, or Honorably Discharged ​(8 hrs​)​
  • Law Enforcement or Corrections Officer (8 hrs)​

We’ll hold class all day Saturday. On Sunday morning we’ll meet at the range for your shooting qualification, then return to the class location.

If anyone is unable to attend the shooting qualification​, let us know and we can schedule a separate date/time. Keep in mind, you won’t receive your certificate until you complete both the course and shooting qualification!


LATE ATTENDANCE POLICY: Anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late will either be rescheduled OR will have to make up the time at a later date…no exceptions!!! The decision will me made at the instructor’s discretion.

RESCHEDULING POLICY: There will be a rescheduling fee of $25 up to 72 hours before the class begins. There will be a rescheduling fee of $50 within 72 hours of a class.

REFUND POLICY: Refunds will be issued up to, but not including, the day of the class and will be subjected to a $50 fee. NO CALL NO SHOWS WILL NOT BE REFUNDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you need to cancel or reschedule the class please call beforehand, we are willing to work with you!

Additional information

Ammunition Policy

While you are encouraged to bring your own firearm, THERE IS TO BE NO LIVE AMMUNITION BROUGHT INTO THE CLASSROOM!!!​ This is the single rule that will get you banned from the class without a refund. The safety and security of all students is of the utmost concern!

Other Expenses

​Targets and ammunition (30 rounds​)​ for the shooting qualification ​are required​. You may shoot a practice target first if you like. Ammo runs around $13 – $15 a box for 50 rounds (depending on caliber).

I​f you don\\'t have hearing and eye protection, ​options are available for purchase at the range.​ ​This is fairly inexpensive for one time use, but I highly recommend purchasing a pair of over the ear muffs​ that can be used repeatedly ($15 – $25 depending on model).​

Coffee and light snacks will be served in the morning. You may bring food or visit one of the restaurants in the area during your lunch break.

6 reviews for IL State Concealed Carry Class

  1. Stan B.

    Let me be the first to say that Jabari Hunt is a phenomenal instructor and wonderful human being. I can personally attest to his professionalism, content knowledge, ability to break down concepts, and do all this while keeping your attention. He is one of those people who makes everyone in the room feel they are the favored one. I have no doubt you will place similar posts to this after working with him. You will leave feeling fully equipped and prepared. I highly endorse Jabari. Hunt. A+++

  2. Deborah H.

    I am reaching out to acknowledge and thank you for a most enjoyable and informative conceal and carry class. I arrived with a degree of trepidation, but your assuring and supportive approach and highly interactive format made this a purposeful and rewarding experience. Your expansive knowledge, ability to explain complex laws, and use of real life accounts made concepts easy to understand.

  3. Brandon W (verified owner)

    Jabari is a real good teacher with good insight and an interesting curriculum. The 16 hours went by so fast. He answered all my questions, even the ones I thought were dumb. I wouldn’t hesitate to take his class again. I definitely will take his advanced course.

  4. Tammy M. (verified owner)

    Thank you for a great, informative and educational training. Understanding the basic fundamentals is crucial to success. I certainly think and recommend more women take this training. It helps with personal self confidence. Thank you!

  5. Demetria Saverson (verified owner)

    Jabari is so awesome, and I am pleased with the class from beginning to end. The only regret I have is not taking the course sooner. I like the passion that Jabari brings with every segment of the course. I can also speak on behalf of others that were in the same class. We’re all still praising Jabari. Keep up the good work, great energy!

  6. Warneta

    I was impressed by Jabari’s knowledge and expertise of fire arms and the legality of using and carrying firearms. He walked us through the procedures and he answered all questions and then some. He is thorough, patient., and reinforces safety. There are no dumb questions. The course was painless and interesting. Jabari doesn’t have to do this but he makes himself available to anyone who wants additional help especially after you’ve completed his course. Thank you Jabari!

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